16 hair-raising situations that nobody wants to encounter

It's not just at Halloween that we face things that give us goosebumps and make our hair stand on end!  

So spare a thought for these unlucky souls who happened upon something that probably made them jump out of their skin and/or run for their lives!

1. Don't bother phoning this person, they won't answer!

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2. How to stop people withdrawing cash

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3. It could be cute if there was only one!

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4. The mannequin's sure to pull in the crowds...

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5. When a lemon gets ready for Halloween...

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6. Would you be tempted to buy this?

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7. Mmm, the sweet smell of... garlic!

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8. Maybe the other half is invisible,

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9. A pufferfish skeleton!

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10. Our worst nightmare

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11. When a tree gobbles up a statue

12. And we just expected slight indigestion...

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13. Time to walk home from work...

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14. This girl's parents must be REALLY worried

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15. Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this scene!

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16. When spiders hijack a bike

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