16 futuristic inventions that are set to change the world

Every year or so, we all wait with baited breath for the latest smartphone. With every release new features are added and the phone is launched to much fanfare around the world. But beyond the latest telecoms, scientists are continually inventing futuristic objects.

And after trying them out, we realize just how cool they are and wonder how we could have lived without them! They quickly become our go-to items and we believe it's only a matter of time before the following become well-deserved household favorites!

1. A pocket-sized thermal vision monocular

© ebay.com  

The FLIR Scout TK lights up at dusk! Better than your average torch.

2. A pocket-sized scanner

© pupscan.com  

Ever been on the go and needed to scan a document? Now you can, thanks to this pocket-sized scanner!

3. An oven that cooks food in... ice!

© ihrkuechentraum/facebook  

Scientists have designed an oven that can cook hot food in a block of ice. It all depends on the amount of food and the energy needed. This oven costs $ 8,000 and was designed by the German company Miele.

4. A gadget that takes care of your skin

© Comfable/youtube  

With QSun, you can protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays and monitor your vitamin D levels!

5. Automatic slippers

© Ali Smart Videos/youtube  


Famous car company Nissan has designed a pair of intelligent, motorized slippers that automatically "park" in front of your feet.

6. A machine that folds laundry

© aerolineaenvivo/twitter  


FoldiMate is a household must-have! Kiss goodbye to folding piles of laundry! Just pop your laundry in the machine and put it to work.

7. A plane that looks like a spacecraft

© factorydesign  

The British group Factory Design and Contour Aerospace have created a prototype airplane with individual seats, similar to futuristic cocoons.

8. Odorless socks

© meltmall  

According to the Chinese company MeltMall, these socks won't smell even if you wear them for a week. All thanks to the presence of silver, zinc and copper!

9. Smart shoes to keep your feet healthy

© kickstarter  

Shoes a little too tight? Feet feeling sore? Then treat yourself to a pair of shoes by Smartshoe who designed an intelligent shoe, worthy of Back to the Future.

10. A smart denim jacket that senses gestures and can order pizza

© levi  


Levi's and Google have created a jacket capable of communicating with a smartphone, and therefore able to do pretty much what a laptop can do...

11. An anti-sleep cap

© Ford Caminhoes/youtube  

Thanks to sensors that detect when you fall asleep, this Ford Trucks designed cap emits vibrations, noises and light signals to keep you awake.

12. A robot to cheer you up!

© IEEE Spectrum/youtube  

The South Korean company Yonsei University & KAIST has developed a robot especially for lonely people. It chats to you and cheers you up.

13. A device that reads your mind

© MIT Media Lab/youtube  

Developed by MIT Technology , this devide is called AlterEgo. It can read and understand words without you having to say them.

14. An anti-snoring and rocking pillow

© rem-fit  

Are you kept awake by your partner's snoring? Time to buy them this pillow from Rem-Fit. According to its designers, it can change the biological indicators of its user, prevent you from snoring, rock you to sleep or gently wake you up.

15. A watch that uses body heat to charge up

© Matrix PowerWatch/youtube  

The PowerWatch's battery recharges on its own thanks to your body heat.

16. Noise cancelling headphones

© amazon  

Thanks to these headphones developed by IQbuds you can still be sociable even if surrounded by noise. Even if you're at a loud rock concert, these noise cancelling headphones mean you can still hear people talking to you!