16 freaky photos guaranteed to blow your mind

Trust us, none of these shots have been retouched in any way, but your brain will still need some time to figure them out! Whether it's because they create a weird optical illusion or are timed to perfection, they'll make you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks!

Here are 17 weirdly wonderful photos guaranteed to blow your mind!

1. When a dolphin decides to visit a human friend

© jagielski / pikabu  

2. This is awesome!

© StreetLikes / imgur  

3. When you get back from a dive only to find an octopus has used you as a camouflage

© golovoeb / pikabu  

4. No, it's not a packed concert - just a cotton field at night

© imogen / pikabu  

5. A honeymoon photo that went viral... No explanation required!

© unknown author / imgur  

6. If you can tear your eyes away from the girls, you may notice something's going on with the background

© unknown author / imgur  

7. There's nothing more refreshing than a deep breath of hair...

© bvuuu / imgur  

8. It may take a few minutes, but you'll get there in the end!

© unknown author / imgur  

9. A very strange baby bump!

© ariaroflcakes / imgur  

10. Because hairy armpits are this year's must-have!

© AlexHM / pikabu  

11. Just a dog having a good think about life

© superchall / imgur  

12. The perfect angle to create a perfectly straight line!

© ericfukingandre / instagram  

13. Kneeling on water or split-second timing?

© evilyoshida  

14. Stick your thumb in a cherry and freak out your friends!

© suitcasespeaker / imgur  

15. It's a dog's life...

© kevenm / imgur  

16. A child holding a man's thumb, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it was something else...

© Xenxin / imgur