16 fascinating photos that show what life was like in the past

Were you around in the 40's, 50s, 60's or 70s? If you're a millennial, then definitely not! Thankfully, previous generations took plenty of snaps that take us back in time - something that makes us feel a bit nostalgic.

For example, imagine going to a party only to bump into Marilyn Monroe or spotting Elvis in a mask at a Halloween event... So, if you yearn for your youth or want to see what life was like for previous generations, here's a fascinating selection of throw-backs.

1. When formal balls were all the rage

© Wanda Gawronska / Colaborador / Getty Images  

2. Veruschka, a German countess and professional model, parties during the Rio carnival in 1969

© Hulton Archive / Freelancer / Getty Images  

3. Marilyn Monroe is the center of attention at this 1956 party

© Hulton Archive / Freelancer / Getty Images  

4. Tarzan and Jane enjoy a 1950s Halloween party

© Michael Ochs Archives / Freelancer / Getty Images  

5. It's the 1980s and Muhammad Ali joins Stevie Wonder on stage

6. Elvis Presley and Joan Bradshaw get dressed up for Halloween in 1957

7. Back in the days of disco...

8. Jitterbug, a dance that took over the USA in the 50s

9. In the 30s this Paris swimming pool was turned into a bar

10. A United Nations party in the 40s, where members of different armed forces partied together

11. Imagine having Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall cut your cake (1956)

12. A woman in 1930 snapped playing her accordeon while sitting on a car bonnet

13. John Travolta shows off his disco moves in 1977

14. An extremely elegant masked ball in 1930

© East News  

15. The post-war 40s was all about having fun

16. Nat King Cole on piano, Frank Sinatra on vocals