16 examples of terrible customer service

We all make mistakes and usually it's because something is out of our control. We may try our best, but every now and then we'll come across a problem (or total fail) and ask ourselves if it wasn't done deliberately.

For example, going out for a burger and finding the ketchup in a salt or pepper pot or opening your pizza box to find it chopped into little pieces... Just a couple of examples of a business not caring about its patrons. Just check out the following fails that disappointed or surprised people have snapped and shared on social networks.

1. The new trend for serving food?

2. Unequal slices

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3. When a clean plate looks like it's covered in dirt

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4. Picnic, restaurant style

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5. Apparently this Caesar salad cost a fortune!

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6. Because emptying the sachets is too much to ask

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7. They asked for a mixed salad

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8. Huge discount...

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9. Because they think it looks pretty?

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10. We're guessing that this is supposed to be nachos?

11. When they want you to keep to the right, but it's too narrow for your vehicle

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12. When packing is ten times bigger than the product

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13. Can you figure this out?

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14. When your head barely reaches the bar

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15. We weren't lying when we mentioned ketchup in a salt/pepper pot

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16. Too much plastic packaging

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