16 employees who clearly don't give a damn about their jobs!

It's fair to say that some people only do their jobs because they've got bills to pay and families to raise, which is perfectly understandable in our cash-strapped world!  But then along comes someone who takes lack of professionalism to a whole new level...

Here are 16 employees who clearly don't give a damn, even if it means putting peoples' lives in danger!

1. When someone decides to dig holes wherever they like

2. Who cares if it's straight or not, right?

3. When someone covers a manhole with concrete...

4. "What's your problem? You asked me to draw a straight line, so I did!"

5. We just hope no one parks their car here!

6. A sign-eating wall?

7. Hilarious! We guess half a TV's better than no TV!

8. Why?!

9. Okay so they parked over the line, but seriously did they really deserve this?

10. When you want people to wash their feet rather than their hands

11. They only had one job...

12. Seriously?  They just needed to copy the sign!

13. The least practical spoons on the planet...

14. An effective way to keep pedestrians off the sidewalk?

15. C'mon you've got to be kidding us!

16. The importance of privacy...