16 couples who love injecting a bit of humor into their relationship

Life as a couple isn't all that easy. One minute it's bliss, the next a huge argument breaks out. A raised voice, a snappy reply and suddenly it all goes downhill. Followed by an angry silence that can last until the next day.

Whether it's a blazing row or a petty quarrel, humor can often save the day and some couples have learnt the art of shaking things off. Just check out this hilarious selection of couples who use humor to diffuse any tensions... May they be a lesson to us all!

1. "My wife sent me this and asked which colour I prefer."

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2. "I forgot to put my engagement ring on, so asked my fiancé to put it in a safe place!"

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3. "I think my wife's trying to tell me something."

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4. How to start a fight... with humor

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5. "Every time we argue my wife stops and takes a selfie."

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6. "Guess which side is hers..."

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7. When a couple explains to their daughter that no, they're not taking her to see the real Eiffel Tower

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8. "I snapped my wife while she was putting on her make-up."

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9. When your girlfriend reaches a milestone

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10. "I found my old car in the house... Let's see what my wife has to say when she gets back home."

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11. And to think she criticizes her husband for wearing Crocs all the time

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12. Her husband's still laughing...

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13. When you decide to surprise your girlfriend

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14. "My husband told me he'd bought me a diamond necklace"

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15. "My husband wrote this just before I had an operation..."

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16. "My girlfriend dressed up as me for a fancy dress party!"

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