16 cool concepts that prove it's all in the details

An attractive appearance, attention to detail, a functional design... The difference between a standard hotel, restaurant, apartment block or public area often lies in a great attention to detail: the tiny things that draw in people and make a place or service reach the top of its league!

Competition between businesses is tough and if designers don't continually think of ways to lure in clients then they'd be better off looking for another job! The following selection is our pick of innovative concepts that focus on detail and are well ahead of their time!

1. Hilarious way to make hotel guests remember your establishment!

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2. Emergency exit stairs have been replaced by a life-saving slide

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3. A chocolate bar that can be broken up into different sized pieces

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4. Everyone can enjoy themselves at this beach!

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5. A ladies' restroom that tells you when a cubicle's available

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6. This dispenser accepts hugs instead of money!

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7. Marker pens that are sold with extra lids!

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8. This hotel was undergoing renovations and offered its guests chocolate hammers by way of apology!

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9. Waste not, want not with this handy toilet paper

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10. The floors stay nice and clean in this restroom!

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11. Mini donuts for anyone watching their waistline!

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12. No branding, just a refreshing beer!

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13. A health conscious restaurant... You have been warned!

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14. Black toilet paper...

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15. We love this genius hovering glass

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16. One for the guys!

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