16 coincidences that could be a matter of fate

Coincidences have something magical about them. Agree or disagree? Suffice to say the jury's still out! Even so, sometimes life comes up with some jaw-dropping surprises. We usually refer to them as coincidences, except that the same type of experiences are witnessed everywhere, throughout history and in all four corners of the globe. 

For example, when you chat to a colleague only to discover they nursed you after your premature birth. Or you bump into a classmate that you haven't seen for decades. It's makes us wonder if it's a question of fate rather than a simple coincidence. If you think that's a far-fetched idea, then take a look at the following strange occurences!

1. This nurse discovered that her 28 year-old colleague was a premature baby she had once looked after...


2. This dog bumped into his "reflection"!


3. "My cousin happened to be in the background of a family photo that included his future wife. It was taken in Rio de Janeiro, 7 years before they actually met and fell in love."


4. A Chinese couple noticed that they had their photo taken at the same place at the same time when they were teenagers


5. An Uber driver picks up his client...


6. Bird-shaped bird poop!


7. "My brother arrived home after a world tour only to find me wearing exactly the same clothes"


8. "This is not a coincidence"


9. Check out the number plates!


10. When your snack matches the landscape


11. Two strangers who met at a wedding


12. Her dad had part of his finger amputated and she was born with an unusually short forefinger


13. Hard to believe this is a coincidence


14. Why did the chicken cross the road?


15. When you see this in your doctor's waiting room


16. Mother Nature: an eagle that caught a shark that had a fish in its mouth

Doc Jon