15 weird inventions from the past that never managed to catch on

According to Albert Einstein, weird inventions would shape modern history, but here's a selection that didn't last long or never quite made the grade! They may have blasted onto the scene, but you'll have to agree that some of these seem pretty useless even if they may look really cool...

Once considered to be state of the art solutions to everyday problems, here are 15 inventions from the past that seem really crazy today!

1. Illuminated tires!

A 1961 invention by Goodyear!

2. Flamingo pink convertible

© unknown/imgur  

A must-have in 1961 - a flamingo pink convertible.  We love these retro cars and the way you can turn the front seat around, but their lack of seat belts means these would never be allowed on the road today!

3. Automatic hair dryer

© Nijs, Jac de / Wikimedia Commons  

This huge hair dryer came out in1962. You just needed to attach it to your head, press a button and sit back while it dried your locks!

4. Pedal-powered roller skates

© George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress / Wikimedia Commons  

This model dates back to 1910... Fortunately modern designs are far less cumbersome!

5. A plastic face protector

© Nationaal Archief / Wikimedia Commons  

In 1939, women would wear these strange, pointed masks to protect their make up from the elements!

6. Portable toilet paper holder

A Japanese invention that didn't take off in Europe - one for hay fever sufferers' perhaps?

7. A back brush

The 1947 version of a back brush, complete with mirrors!

8. The baby cage

These appeared in the 1930's - baby cages that you could attach to the outside of a window so that your little one got some fresh air while you caught up with your tasks.

9. The Hubbard Electrometer

Ron Hubbard is famous for having founded Scientology, but he also invented this gadget in 1968.  It was designed to monitor if tomato plants felt pain and screamed when their fruit was picked or cut!

10. Vintage bathing cap

Back in the day, some women preferred to wear this rather than to go make up-free!

11. Put on your best poker face

In 1932 poker players would wear one of these in order to hide their facial expressions

12. A brush meets scalp polisher

Invented during the 1950's, this was designed for balding men who wanted a shiny scalp and tidy hair!

13. The transparent boat

This was considered strange when it first came out, but the idea's coming back into fashion... Imagine rowing this across a crystal clear coral reef!

14. A hat with an integrated radio

© Nationaal Archief / Wikimedia Commons  

In 1931 you could pop on a hat and listen to the radio as you went about your day!

15. A baby soother

This 1960 Japanese invention was designed to soothe babies... It even emitted heartbeat sounds to help crying babies settle down.