15 unexpected things that people have caught on camera

If you think life is boring then take a good look around you - the world is filled with weird and wonderful things! From man-made objects to natural phenomena, there's rarely a dull moment if you keep your eyes open...

For example, have you ever seen a plastic soda bottle before it's been shaped and filled? Or what about the sight of never-ending sand dunes, observed as you fly across a desert? Some of the most intriguing things are also the simplest, as the following selection proves!

1. To give you an idea of how many 'Earths' could fit in the Sun!

© mike_pants/reddit  

2. A plastic bottle before it's been shaped and filled

© str4ight_shooter/reddit  

3. A two-toned cat!

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4. Eyes make excellent mirrors!

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5. A harpoon? No a thorn!

© -Cool-Beans-/reddit  

6. The Sahara Desert seen from the sky

© fredecup/reddit  

7. A night market in Bangkok

© SqaueEarthConspiracy/reddit  

8. An approaching storm!

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9. Try scanning this 'code' in!

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10. A figurine found under 8 coats of paint

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11. Whoever took this can expect a lot of good luck

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12. After the rain...

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13. A plant sprouting from a tree trunk

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14. A new planet? Or maybe a nut?

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15. What do you think? Pipes? 

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