15 things photographed from a weirdly wonderful angle

In everyday life, there are some things that don't even get a second glance. For example, have you ever looked closely at raindrops on your car bonnet? Did it never occur to you how pretty a single raindrop can be?

We tend to get bored by stuff we see everyday. However, if we step back and take our time or look at things from a different angle, the results can be awesome. Don’t believe us? Then have a browse through this amazing selection of snaps!

1. A whale's hump looks just like a human nose

© Unknown / imgur 

2. Raindrops on a car's bonnet

3. A tortoise skeleton 

© OnceUponanEmo / imgur  

4. A dissected bowling ball

© elmielmosong / reddit  

5. This is what's known as a Fresnel Lens

© isabelllovely1 / imgur  

6. Spiky on the outside, soft on the inside

© Scout6feetup / reddit  

7. Golf balls cut in half

© Unknown / imgur  

8. A close up of a tree's bark

9. A mountain of car tires

© Unknown / imgur  

10. A close up of a panelled wood wall

11. Pearls cut in half look like tiny galaxies

© thegodofbigthings / reddit  

12. Cool to look at, but still highly dangerous!

© RealZA / reddit  

13. Fascinating - almost alien-like!

14. Hypnotic flowing lava

15. The gel inside a peeled aloe vera leaf

© Arcade_Killa / reddit