15 talented celebrities that no one wants to work with

The word ‘diva’ exists for a reason and can be just as applicable to well-known men as to women. Some celebrities are as famous for their crazy demands and behavior as they are for their talent, meaning they drive producers, directors and their entourage up the wall! The result?  Despite their crowd-drawing and money-making potential, people in the industry just don’t want to work with them anymore.

Here are 15 celebrities whose fame has gone to their heads and who are increasingly being shunned due to their capricious behavior.  Do you know of any others and which one on our list surprises you the most?  Share your comments with us below!

1. Val Kilmer

With movies including Top Gun, The Doors, Batman Forever, Heat and The Saint, Val Kilmer rocked the 90's movie industry. Although he was always known to have a feisty character, it was after shooting The Island of Doctor Moreau in 1996 that rumors of Kilmer's poor behavior went into overdrive. His fallings out with John Frankenheimer were so bad that the director refused to work with him again. It was no secret that Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer didn't hit it off during the filming of Top Gun, but it was his behavior towards Frankenheimer that marked the beginning of a rapid decline in his career. Sadly in 2015, the actor was diagnosed with throat cancer that has since badly affected his vocal chords, meaning his acting career is pretty much over.

2. Steven Seagal

Hardman Seagal is not just famous for his fighting skills, but also his bizarre off-set behavior. Impossible to manage, highly aggressive and known for making up stories, Seagal gradually became a no-no for action movie casting directors. He also has a reputation for being greedy and apparently milks his superstar status in order to command huge paychecks for appearances. Today you're more likely to see him in a reality TV show than gracing the silver screen and the latest news is that he's embroiled in the Harvey Weinstein affair following accusations of sexual abuse.

3. Christian Bale

Handsome and talented Christian Bale is also known for his fiery temper and tendency to overreact if something doesn't please him whilst shooting a movie. During the filming of 2009's Terminator Salvation he launched a foul mouthed tirade at Shane Hurlbut, the Director of Photography who accidentally walked in front of the camera while a scene was being shot. Bale did later profusely apologize, but his behavior has since made directors think twice before casting him in one of their movies.

4. James Cameron

The Avatar director has given us some of the best movies in Hollywood history, but behind the talent lurks a difficult person to work with. He's known for pushing his cast to their limit, as confirmed by Kate Winslet when talking about The Titanic shoot.

5. Edward Norton

With American History XFight Club and Collateral Beauty under his belt, Norton is a superb actor. Buddies with Brad Pitt, he’s a sought-after thespian, but his overly fussy tendencies mean that he's not the most popular person on set...

6. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's been long known for her ridiculous behavior and demands, and apparently this hasn't improved with age. The singer's famous for being late, whether it's for interviews, shoots, X Factor appearances and so on.  She's also known for her extravagant lifestyle: renting entire floors at luxury hotels, demanding that limos ferry her around, insisting on $1,000 bottles of champagne served in diamond-encrusted ice buckets... She rarely steps out without a team of helpers and is apparently rude to her loyal staff. Even Nicki Minaj said that she was a 'nightmare' to work with during their time on American Idol.

7. Charlie Sheen

90's heartthrob Charlie Sheen blasted onto our screens in Platoon, but his incredible rise to fame was marred by problems with booze and drugs, as well as his womanizing reputation. He managed to reinvent himself with Two and a Half Men, which made him one of the best paid actors in the world, but his crazy behavior made this a short-lived venture.  A conspiracy theory nut, he claimed 9/11 was a set-up among other things and his subsequent return to a party lifestyle was the final straw.  After months of speculation, he finally confirmed in 2015 that he was HIV positive.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is not as humble as her roots imply... She's known for being extremely fussy and seems to enjoy driving people mad with her demands.  Only traveling by private jet and insisting her hotel suites are painted white are just two of her must-haves, with some organizers now refusing to have her take part in their events.

9. Katherine Heigl

She may be a philanthropist, but Heigl is famous for her sharp tongue and isn't afraid to use it! Apparently this was why her Grey’s Anatomy contract wasn't renewed, although rumor has it that she may be allowed to return... Watch this space! 

10. Russell Crowe

We all loved him in Gladiator, but sadly this talented actor isn't as gallant as his on-screen persona. Violent, aggressive and unpredictable, his career spiraled out of control largely due to reports of heavy drinking and brawling in public places.  Add to that telephone death threats to directors and we wonder if he will ever grace our screens again.

11. Shia LaBeouf

His career got off to a dazzling start, but after Transformers was released numerous scandals hit the front pages, including his demand for 'real-life' rather than simulated sex scenes when shooting Nymphomaniac alongside accusations of plagiarism for a short film he made. Apparently he once pulled out his own tooth and got pumped up on drugs in order to play a character... In brief, Hollywood insiders believe he's gradually committing career suicide. 

12. Beyonce Knowles

Queen B's another diva who apparently has extravagant tastes. She'll only drink water that's a steady 21° and always insists on a titanium straw.  Her toilet paper has to be red and she demands that her assistants hand-make her ice cubes so that she can soothe her vocal chords during costume changes...

13. Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is famous for her ultra-healthy lifestyle and diet... She only eats organic food, pays meticulous attention to what goes on her plate and apparently hates it when someone uses the shower before her after a workout. The upshot is that she's often been cited as the most hated celebrity in Hollywood!

14. Sharon Stone

Stone openly admits she loves being rich and enjoying a celebrity lifestyle, even if it means she's known for being difficult! In many ways we can forgive her... She's worked her butt off to get where she is and is happy to expect the same level of commitment from everyone who crosses her professional path.

15. Mike Myers

Behind the cute smile lurks a fiery dragon! He had us rolling in the aisles during Austin Powers, but apparently off-set he's a difficult guy to handle!