15 students who mastered the art of cheating

We know it's wrong to cheat, but most of us have succumbed to the temptation! According to one survey, 64% of students have cheated at some point during their time at school. Other results claim that 58% admitted to having copied a classmate's homework and 95% of respondents said they'd participated in some form of cheating!

Over the years, cheating in class has become a finely honed skill, with students going to extreme lengths to make sure they get good results.  While we'd never encourage cheating, you'll have to admit that these 15 people should get an 'A' for creativity when it came to beating the system!  And if you're a teacher, you may want to add these techniques to your 'watch list'!

1. This student was allowed one notecard to help him... He printed one set of notes in red, a second in blue and used his 3D glasses so that he could read both!

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2. The advantage of having long nails

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3. This guy used a drainpipe as his cheat sheet!

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4. When drinks are allowed in class

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5. You could always use a fake arm!

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6. Sometimes teachers don't see things that are right under their nose...

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7. Why not carve answers into the sole of your shoe?

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8. A genius way to answer 'true vs false' questions

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9. When a simple pen saves the day!

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10. A mathematical manicure... A trend that's sure to catch on

11. Because water saves lives

12. Invest in a personalized top!

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13. Welcome to the digital age!

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14. Clever choice of sneakers!

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