15 situations that would drive anyone crazy

We all have our creature comforts and habits. We like things to be a certain way and get annoyed when they aren't! But we're also individuals and what we want may not be what we get, particularly if we're relying on other people to fulfill our wishes...

For example, some people can only sleep well in a really dark room, while others prefer a sliver of light. We don't need to be perfectionists to feel irritated by life's little problems and sometimes it's the tiniest thing that can send us into a meltdown - just like the following selection of super-infuriating situations!

1. The toilet paper in a $300 per night room

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2. A ray of light that shines directly on the pillows

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3. When you can only plug one thing in

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4. Painful paper cuts

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5. When people don't move out of the way

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6. When you buy the wrong-sized trash liner

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7. When you try to stick the protective plastic back on

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8. Smelly feet!

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9. When your charger won't go above 99%...

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10. So much for the perfectly peeled egg

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11. When your pistachio nuts are all closed

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12. When you and your wife organize things differently

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13. When zippers do this!

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14. They said it was an easy-to-open packet...

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15. Good luck with this!

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