15 situations that show life’s crazy coincidences

Do you believe in coincidences? Sometimes things seem too unlikely to really be a coincidence. But still we come across uncanny situations every day.

Like when you’re walking down the street and you come across your twin. Yes, yes, it can happen. Here’s proof with a few photos below, which show that life is not a long, quiet river.

1. “I work in a kitchen and you don’t know how often people tell me I look like the cook in Ratatouille.”

© zombi3123 / Reddit  

2. “My Uber driver looks like a thinner version of me with a moustache.”

© fuzzysalad / Reddit  

3. It must be strange to be on a video call with yourself…

4. “My girlfriend met her doppelganger and found out they had the same tattoo in the same place.”

© rambro47 / Reddit  

5. He just bought a pair of socks that match his shoes perfectly...

© __Salutations__ / Reddit  

6. When you meet your twin at a music festival…

© ajrosenwald / Reddit  

7. When a painter painted you before you even came into the world…

8. “On the left, a scene from the first season of ‘Stranger Things,’ set in 1983. On the right, me in the same shirt in 1983.”

© gaia88 / Reddit  

9. Sometimes you have to know how to choose your furniture to match your clothes!

10. “My friend showed up at the bar wearing the same tank top as the bartender and challenged him to arm wrestle!”

© thrice1187 / Reddit  

11. “My boyfriend and I discovered that we had the same picture of us as kids with a TMNT t-shirt!”

© EricaH121 / Reddit  

12. When your flip-flops match the escalator…

© drvtru / Reddit  

13. “The first time my friend visited my apartment, she was amazed to see that my shower curtain matched her shirt perfectly.”

© mattjh / Reddit  

14. Now this is what you call a “tennis outfit!”

© Baindemousse / Reddit  

15. “My cat has the same colors as my parents' rug!”

© stardewspirit / Reddit