15 photos that will send shivers down your spine

Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you sometimes feel your hairs stand on end or think that someone (or something!) is watching you? Do you believe in things that go bump in the night? We live in a mysterious world and despite advances in science, some things just can't be explained!

From noticing strange forms in photos to scary natural phenomena that can be explained, sometimes our blood runs cold and we wish we had nerves of steel! So if you're of a nervous disposition, you may want to look away now!

Here are 15 goose-bump inducing photos ranging from possible paranormal activity to optical illusions, with a few pranks thrown in for good measure!

1. "My husband took this photo when he was on his way to work"

© fmlmel / reddit  

2. Imagine seeing this as you head out to the local store

© Snaab / reddit  

3. Would you try to lock this door?

© livingtool / reddit  

4. "I was evacuated from my home town of Pripyat after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. Two years ago I went back and visited our apartment for the first time."

© rrrudya / imgur  

5. When you get home late and see this in the corridor

© Greeeeeeeg / imgur  

6. When the sinkhole watches you

© Jancer16 / reddit  

7. An urban explorer came across this in an abandoned building!

© moralanarchy / reddit  

8. This was taken on an abandoned ship.  No one was on board and investigators confirmed there was no sign of life... So who is this guy with an axe????

© stevgoldhound / imgur  

9. An erupting volcano!

© Bemy_Gunshot / reddit  

10. This person was outside having a smoke when they noticed this shadow

© unknown author / imgur 

11. Just a river in Copenhagen

© v2thaj / reddit

12. Imagine looking out of your window at 2am and seeing this!

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13. This person took a photo of a hidden bunker under their house.  Eek!

© Colombianthunder / reddit  

14. Someone's lurking in the background

© unknown author / imgur  

15. Any ideas?  Paranormal or Photoshop?

© 20merdas/Instagram