15 photos that will make anyone scared to swim in the ocean

There are many still-unknown creatures lurking in the oceans. From the ones we already know about, there are some frightening predators in the oceans, lakes, and rivers. Somehow, it doesn’t prevent us from swimming there or from taking part in various water recreation activities. And sometimes the danger is very close...

The deep waters remain a total mystery, and sometimes we happen to be in the face of danger without even realizing it! These 15 photos are all the proof you need.

1. There’s no such thing as tranquility at sea!

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2. When all of a sudden you realize you're in the middle of nowhere!

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3. This jellyfish is huge! One sting could be very dangerous.

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4. OMG, that’s a huge snake!

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5. Many people hope to never cross paths with one of these creatures.

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6. This photo is not faked at all... It’s authentic and sends shivers down your back.

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7. This photo from the Amazon has made people talk... Many think it’s a fake, but nothing has really been proven either way.

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8. This meeting is quite unlikely, and yet…

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9. There’s good reason to be on the verge of fainting!

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10. Come give your auntie octopus a hug!

© asdiver  

11. This photo is magical…

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12. Probably the worst nightmare a surfer could have while awake…

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13. Even though it’s only algae, the sight of it is quite terrifying!

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14. A drop in the sea and silence in its vastness

© starpbridis  

15. Here, you can see the heaviest animal on the planet...the blue whale!

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