15 photos that sum up life during the 1990s

The 90s... An awesome decade! No one had smartphones or tablets, and only a few people had PCs or Mac's, but they still knew how to have a lot of fun! Life is just as good today, but 21st century kids will never have a taste of what the previous generation got up to.

From the games they played to their fashion sense, 90s kids have now grown up and look back with fondness... Are you a 90s child who feels nostalgic or are you a Millennial who's curious about what your parents got up to? Here's a little trip down memory lane. We're sure they'll revive some good times!

1. A game that spanned a few decades!

© Alicia Larson / facebook  

2. Necklaces designed to look like tattoos

© BeautyCare Line / facebook  

3. Both the 80s and 90s were famous for "interesting" hairstyles...

© unknown / imgur   © unknown / imgur 

4. The height of fashion when it came to hair grips

© CurlyTish / facebook  

5. Forget DVD's...

6. Hair curlers!

© Kerrie Gallagher / facebook  

7. Groundhog Day, just one of many 90s movies that has stood the test of time

© Groundhog Day / Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.  

8. The era of the first 'super models'

9. Yes, kids wore these!

© Lauren Foster / facebook  

10. Britney Spears hit the big time

11. Scrunchies!

12. Essential accessories!

13. Before gaming went online

© REV cablebahamas  

14. A popular 90s doll

15. Do you remember these sodas?

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