15 photos of situations that are either genius or stupid

There are 7 billion humans on earth. That’s enough for us to get millions of innovative, genius, and brilliant ideas every day. For example, ideas that give us new cellphones, with even more advanced technology.

We should be getting ideas that make everyone's daily lives simpler, more than anything else. But a simple idea can have repercussions on a person’s well-being, or that of his family or those around him. Below you’ll see some inventions that made their rounds on the web but never made their way into stores.

1. I wonder if there’s peanut butter and jelly inside?

© MaryyWinchester / imgur  

2. His bed must be made of skateboards, too!

© u/ChuckL3M0str3 / reddit  

3. Is it a motorcycle? A car?

© Randomassusername28 / imgur  

4. The ancestor of the iPad...

© Jonjonnotaleprechaun / imgur  

5. Actual beer goggles

© Jokeroo / weheartit  

6. Heels designed by a raver!

7. The backup plan…

© u/ciaran_palmer / reddit  

8. Maybe this butcher is in the wrong profession…

© u/Nasicournus / reddit  

9. Just in case he gets hungry during a gig…

© designboom.com  

10. He didn't want his wife to find it!

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11. You have to pedal to open the door.

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12. “Mom, do you know you're wearing a rug?”

© pikabu  

13. Heels for princesses only!

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14. “I’m afraid to put my feet in there.”

© pikabu  

15. When you want to save your parking space…

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