15 photos that show just how diverse we are

Nature isn't just about plants and wildlife... Humans are also a species and we come in all shapes and sizes.

Some of us have physical characteristics that make us unique or a certain genetic make-up that means we stand out from the crowd. And it's these differences which are so extraordinary and awesome! Just check out the following photos that prove how fascinating the human race can be!

1. Vitiligo is a skin condition that can create an awesome effect!

© Jaqwan / Reddit  

3. Born with a matching streak!

© Bell_Ashley666 / reddit  

4. 5 fingers, no thumb

© netperiod / reddit  

5. Anisociria AKA asymmetric pupils!

© srdemoya / reddit  

6. Two friends, two birthmarks!

© camicat42 / reddit  

7. A big and very smiley albino family!

© ArkadiusBear / reddit  

8. We wonder what a palm-reader would make of this!

© Conkuro-kun/Reddit  

9. Black and white lashes!

© u/HeroOfTime4209 / reddit  

10. Really long toes!

© unknown user/ dcard  

11. The visual effect of circulation problems

© love_me_some_dave / Reddit  

12. Displaced knuckles

© OstrichBakedGhoul / Reddit  

13. A pre-pierced ear

© unknown user/ Imgur  

14. When an eye is both brown and gray

© Nico_LaBras / reddit  

15. When your ring finger makes up for a missing little finger

© Scaulbylausis / Reddit