15 photos that prove the world is full of genius ideas

Some people are born with a creative genius that's able to figure out solutions for the trickiest of problems or come up with awesome ideas designed to make our daily lives easier.

So in honor of these clever thinkers, here's a selection of ideas and designs that people have snapped and shared in their quest to spread the word!  What do you think?  Amazing or a waste of time and money?  Share your thoughts (and ideas!) with us!

1. Because we need more than just snacks...

© sk8ncookies/reddit  

2. A practical and eco-friendly design!

© gijoeusa/reddit  

3. Get the message across

© zakatov/reddit  

4. No one said it better!

© ravindrasinh_chavda/reddit 

5. Cool design, practical idea!

© Rickyrider35/reddit  

6. Urban meets art

© DRTsorak/reddit  

7. Because we're all superheroes!

© SchaoLin/imgur

8. How to liven up a boring office...

© banzai/imgur  

9. Great optician's ad!

© KelOptic  

10. This person should win a 'shelf-stacker of the year' award!

© beingforthebenefit/reddit  

11. One for metal-heads!

© unknown/reddit  

12. Cute!

© 20jlamorticella/imgur 

13. "My nephew and niece!"

© Salamanazar/reddit  

14. A worldly fire extinguisher

© RocketLL/reddit  

15. A wintry mailbox!

© senpaijake/imgur