15 photos of objects that make everyday life more practical

Usual everyday objects can be transformed into something really cool. People come up with the most innovative ideas! A circular table tennis table is one such idea. Yes, it really does exist! The proof is below.

Here, you’ll find out about inventions that could make your life easier if you buy them. Not all of them are revolutionary enough to make it to store shelves. No matter what, they’re worth checking out.

1. No more wasted toothpaste – this tool makes sure you use it all!

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2. With these slippers, your floors will always be clean!

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3. This pizza portal allows you to pick up your pizza without having to interact with a human! There are advantages and disadvantages to this…

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4. Each subway station in Hong Kong has a unique color, so you can find your stop even if you don’t speak the language!

© pepshake / reddit  

5. Tiny fire trucks in Osaka, Japan!

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6. A circular ping pong table! No more losing the ball!

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7. Bike parking, with tools for quick fixes!

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8. Different settings depending on the driver’s body size…

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9. North Face backpacks come with a built-in whistle!

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10. In this Bulgarian restaurant, there’s a buzzer at each table that’s connected to a waiter's smartwatch.

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11. The contents of this empanada are written on the crust!

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12. This toilet paper comes with a small to-go roll inside the tube!

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13. You don’t have to worry about getting a sunburn at this zoo, thanks to the sunscreen dispenser in the bathroom.

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14. This visitor pass at a hospital has special ink, which turns to a stop sign 12 hours after it’s issued.

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15. This fake plant has some imperfections to make it seem more real.

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