15 photos of celebrities without make-up

Celebrities are often seen as role models and we're used to them being perfectly groomed and red carpet-ready: designer outfits and jewels, perfect hair and make-up, someone equally gorgeous on their arm... But just like the rest of us, some look better 'au naturel', whilst others won't leave the house without their trusty make-up artist.

Here are 15 photos of make-up free celebrities - what do you think? Plain Janes or natural beauties?

1. Drew Barrymore

Hard to believe that the bottom photo is glamorous Drew, but we'll forgive her as she's clearly just woken up and in need of a shot of coffee!

2. Katie Holmes

Katie's a pretty girl.  Yes, make-up highlights her features, but this star doesn't need to rely on war paint!

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

© eastnews  

Gwyneth's 'girl next door' look makes her easily recognizable with or without make-up, but a touch of blush does soften her chiseled features.

4. Lindsay Lohan

© depositphotos  

Lindsay Lohan's less glamorous in the second photo, but she's still a beautiful woman.

5. Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa is famous for her heavy make-up and outrageous outfits... And the difference between the glammed up and no make-up versions is striking.

6. Emilia Clarke

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Red hot glamour vs sleeping beauty... whatever the case, Emilia's sparkling eyes light up her face.

7. Gal Gadot

Beautiful in both shots, but she looks younger and more approachable when make-up free.

8. Kesha

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Kesha clearly doesn't like her cute freckles, as she's wearing enough foundation to sink a ship in the first photo.

9. Cara Delevingne

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Cara looks like a teenager without her make-up!

10. Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer looks a little tired in the second photo, but she's nonetheless instantly recognizable!

11. Adele

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Even Elmo looks a bit surprised to see this loveable diva in her pajamas!

12. Salma Hayek

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Stunning in both, but she may want to wax her upper lip more often!

13. Sophie Turner

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With skin as flawless as this, Sophie easily carries off both looks.

14. Uma Thurman

We think Quentin Tarantino's 'muse' looks better make-up free!

15. Olivia Wilde

Amazing bone structure, but looks a little weary without make-up.

Photo credits: Olivia Wilde / instagram.com