15 people whose fails will go down in history books

We all have bad days. And sometimes the bad luck lasts several days. You’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. Hopefully, whatever causes your bad day turns out to be the only problem that day.

And yet ... after the fact, we can laugh about it. But at the time, it was a disaster. Do you know what we're talking about? Take a look below...

1. It doesn't just happen to other people... be careful next time it’s supposed rain!

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2. Never leave your coffee unattended...

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3. This is why you lock up your wheels too!

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4. Only your cat can give you permission to use the bathroom...

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5. So you don’t get lonely when you have to go...

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6. After careful calculations, apparently he didn’t quite get it.

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7. Time for the vacuum!

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8. The only other way to get in is to break the window.

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9. It's a safe bet that these grapes will never get eaten...

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10. I guess he was having trouble getting the computer to turn on?

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11. Eggs are always an option.

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12. The wedding is less than 24 hours away...

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13. You’ll have to explain the principle to me.

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14. “My dad secretly finished Super Mario while I was sleeping, but he woke me up to see the final level!”

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15. And here’s a diagram explaining how to unscrew the lid, which is only visible after you unscrew the lid!

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