15 people who once hung out with soon-to-be A-listers

Did you roommate or go to school with someone who later shot to fame? We may flick through an old Year Book, only to realize that we once sat next to an A-lister in math or played football with someone who went on to be an NFL superstar...

If we're lucky, we may have a snap of us hanging out with them, and the great thing about social networks is that we can share these 'early encounters' with others. Just like the people below!

1. When you discover your aunt used to hang out with Bradley Cooper

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2. Ashton with this girl's aunt

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3. When you discover your mom once dated Adam Sandler 

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4. Imagine finding a photo of Leonardo Di Caprio hanging out with your aunt

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5. "Matt Le Blanc used to date my mom."

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6. Pre-fame prom pose

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7. When your sister suddenly tells you that Usher was a school friend

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8. "When my aunt was dating Jamie Fox and we called him 'uncle Jamie'."

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9. Ansel Elgort before he made 'dramatic' headlines

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10. When this guy was 10, his mom dated John Legend

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11. "My uncle's good friends with Queen Latifah."

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12. "My dad often went on dates with this lady..."

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13. "Jimmy Fallon was friends with my aunt!"

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14. When you discover Michelle Obama went to your school

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15. This girl's friend went to school with Zac Efron...

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