15 people who managed to photograph and share their prank

Sometimes pulling a prank doesn't need much planning.  Quick thinking and preferably a camera to hand is often all it takes!

Have you ever been tempted to put up a poster in a well-known fast food chain? Or what about lodging your grandpa's dentures in his dog's mouth? Well, as the following selection proves, some people have and the results are hilarious!  Here are 15 people who managed to photograph and share their prank!

1. "I noticed there was a blank wall at McDonald's, so I decided to make this fake poster of me and my friend. It's now been 51 days since I hung it up."

© Jevholution / Twitter  

2. What you see vs reality

© Mexker12 / Reddit  

3. "I remember when I was bullied a lot in elementary school for not really speaking English. I lied for a week about how I was actually royalty from Vietnam and used this picture for show and tell."

© babyvietcong / Twitter  

4. When a fishmonger decides to goof around

© eldahshan / Twitter  

5. When your eyes are bigger than your stomach

6. Maybe the dog stole them?

© AngelaBrisk / Twitter 

7. Imagine what this looks like when car headlights shine on it!

© atwalk / Reddit 

8. We love this... These are more than just decorative: they're potato plants!

© TworogOK / Pikabu  

9. More of design fail than a prank, but still worth a mention!

© terix / Reddit 

10. When parents find where their kids have been hiding their broccoli!

© phitter72 / Reddit 

11. This guy hooked up his PS4 in an airport departure lounge!

© beardedbarnabas / Reddit  

12. Because a driver won't necessarily check the roof of his bus

© demcDman / Reddit  

13. Always pay attention when securing your bike

© winn158 / Reddit  

14. A perfect landing strip...

© Mat145 / Reddit  

15. Guess which side is 'hers'

© Msjann / Reddit