15 people who have mastered the art of problem-solving

Or maybe not!  The ability to invent or problem-solve is a gift. Some people are able to think outside the box, to find unique solutions to life's little glitches. They design an object or simply look at a problem from another angle.

For others, the creative spirit is there, but a lack of logic can lead to hilarious fails and the internet is awash with examples. Some people may win awards, while others just quietly tackle the problem - just check out the photos below!

1. Who cares so long as they're the same height 

© DarthMech / reddit  

2. How to get as many notes as possible on one page

© rocotaco42 / reddit  

3. Who needs a Christmas tree when you have lights?

© noslowsongs / reddit  

4. She couldn't remove her braces, so for Halloween dressed up as the little girl in Finding Nemo

© desternee / imgur  

5. An awesome way to deal with rainy days

© iBleeedorange / reddit  

6. Turn the collar of shame into something cool

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7. Cheap, simple, effective!

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8. More of a fail than a success - why don't some architects think about tall people?

© Mrdazjames / reddit  

9. Always look on the bright side of life

© Brainstein / pikabu  

10. How to get your dog to take its meds...

© nanglish / twitter  

11. Because it's a 4-player game

© fenix547 / reddit 

12. Add a spooky touch to Christmas

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13. Why use tent pegs when you have a couple of motorbikes?

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14. Cheap and cheerful plunge pool

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15. Quick-thinking meets gymnastics...

© Cardo / pikabu