15 people who deeply regretted getting inked

Getting inked is more than just choosing your dream tattoo - you need to make sure the artist knows what they're doing if you don't want to find yourself with an embarrassing fail!

This is why some people are really hesitant, as getting a tattoo erased or fixed is no small deal. So, if you get inked by an inexperienced artist or, even worse, an amateur, be prepared for disappointment.

Here are 15 people who deeply regretted getting their tattoo.

1. A delicate design, but a smudged result

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2. How could they get something so simple so wrong?

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3. She ended up with the name of Thai cuisine dish...

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4. It was to honor his wife... They divorced 2 years later!

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5. This could have been really pretty

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6. Eagle? Hawk? Who knows?

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7. We hope this was intentionally bad...

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8. We think these are flowers

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9. Some minor differences...

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10. You can't get less Star Wars than this!

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11. They lived to regret this

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12. Check the spelling!

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13. Disney would be so proud

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14. Corrected mid-way through!

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15. This guy got the same tattoo as his dog, but he didn't realize the symbol means the dog is neutered!

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