15 people with an unusual characteristic

Every person in the world is unique. We all have our own special characteristics - even identical twins will have tiny differences.

Our unique characteristics may be physical or behavioural, and when a genetic mutation occurs, it can produce some incredible results. So, in honor of our individual traits, here are 15 people who are proud to show off their unsual characteristics! Awesome aren't they!

1. This girl broke a tendon in her thumb, meaning she can't bend it and, as a result, has no wrinkles!

© The_Invader_Kilz / Reddit  

2. This guy can pull his head back (just like a tortoise) and grab his neck with his mouth

© Zen100_ / Reddit  

3. When your knuckles recede back into your hand

© OstrichBakedGhoul / Reddit  

4. White streaks!

© unknown author / Imgur  

5. This person was born with a pupil that looks like it's falling out

© seanjenkins / Reddit  

6. Called "Raynaud's Disease", a condition where bloodflow stops when hands or feet get really cold

© love_me_some_dave / Reddit  

7. She was born with a lock of white hair

© DIYKnowNothing / Reddit  

8. Eyelashes that surround the entire eye

© slimsunny / Imgur  

9. A double-jointed person - don't try this at home!

© YaBoyMayo / Reddit  

10. Half brown, half blue eyes

© HardcoreCorey / Reddit  

11. Leukoderma is a condition where parts of the skin lose pigmentation

© Jaqwan / Reddit  

12. Called "syndactyly", this is where two or more digits fuse together

© Gearcortex / Reddit  

13. This guy turned gray really young.  He thought about dying his hair, but instead decide to grow it and looks awesome as a result!

© xchavez / Reddit  

14. Pixie ears!

© 420MangoBonersXL / Reddit  

15. This guy is missing an index finger on his left hand

© Marrtyr11 / Reddit