15 new useful inventions that could help us all

Not everyone is a natural inventor or designer. We need a certain degree of imagination to design objects or accessories that can improve, even if it's just a little, our daily lives.

Not all inventors will market their creations and some may put their ideas on the back burner for years. Thankfully, the following decided to launch their products, which are now beginning to take the world by storm!

1. Edible cups for anyone who wants to stop using plastic

© LEKORNA / Facebook   © lekorna.com  

2. A rolling pin that decorates as it rolls!

© PastryMade / Facebook  

3. A hairgrip that's also a tool

© Amazon  

4. This is how the Japanese share their drinks

© GuassHound / Reddit  

5. A practical USB bracelet

© twintheif / Reddit  

6. Kiss goodbye to table stains

© The Floating Mug Company / Facebook  

7. A toothpaste tube that lets you use every last drop

© AllVeggiesNoEggs / Reddit  

8. A pumpkin that was grown in a mould

© remembersarah18 / Reddit  

9. Square pizza for equally-sized slices

© z0nghits / Reddit  

10. Delivery box complete with a tool to open it

© chunkyknit / Reddit  

11. This type of water-saving design is becoming increasingly popular

© cristian leporati / Reddit  

12. For anyone who loves hearts and bubble wrap!

© Haik / Pikabu  

13. A one-stop solution

© Unknown author / Imgur 

14. Mint candy given to drivers who work for this haulage company

© actual_perrin 14 / Reddit 

15. Farmers in the Japansese town of Inakadate 'landscape' their paddy fields by planting different colored rice

© inakadate-tanboart.net