15 most useless gifts that you can’t live without

Buying things has become a national pastime. And as a matter of principle, we receive gifts for birthdays, holidays, Christmas or any special occasion. While some are very nice, others on the other hand seem completely ridiculous.

Here are 15 useless gifts that you might receive, without really serving any purpose... Feel free to share yours with us!

1. “Antler” chopsticks to put in your hair

2. A pillow for people who like to eat

3. A notepad so you can shoot baskets in the trash with "real" balls

4. A clip that makes guitar picks with your expired credit cards

5. A spoon with a sense of humor

6. A tea infuser in the shape of a submarine

7. A barbecue grill that hangs on the wall

8. Gun-shaped molds to make eggs

9. A power adapter in the shape of a coffee cup to charge your cell phone in the car

10. A doormat for computer fans

11. A pipe with a moustache

12. A designer paper towel dispenser

13. A huge coffee mug

14. A soda tap

15. Lights shaped like ice cream cones