15 inventions designed to make our lives a whole lot easier

Designers and inventors are continually coming up with ideas to make our lives easier and in our technological age gadgets are becoming the mainstay of our existence at break-neck speed!

If we consider the things that we take for granted today, we often wonder how we managed to live without them in the past, so in honor of all the creative people who devote their time to making things easier, here's a selection of inventions that deserve a prize!

1. If you find yourself waiting for a flight in this Cleveland airport, you can learn how to save a life!

© Deathman/pikabu  

2. A zoo that provides free sunscreen!

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3. A bracelet that you can later plant!

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4. A store in St Petersburg that has currency conversions in its shopping baskets!

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5. This school installed a vending machine that stocks medicines and hygiene products

© CommandLionInterface/reddit  

6. A swing for wheelchair users!

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7. College degrees that are also produced as handy business cards!

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8. A hotel that has a thermometer in the showers

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9. This vending machine accepts hugs instead of money!

© GalacticLawnmower/reddit  

10. All-in-one chopsticks and a fork

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11. A vending machine that cares about your health

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12. A women's restroom that tells you when a cubicle becomes free

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13. An automated UV indicator!

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14. Some pre-packed fresh meat in Norway features an eat-by indicator

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15. A boat in Paris that's entirely pedal-powered!

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