15 impressive photos of winter from around the world

Winter is often synonymous with freezing weather, but with the cold, comes impressive landscapes! Frosty mornings, deep snow, icy fields... Extraordinary scenes that people around the world have managed to snap and share!

Some countries have winters that are so severe, if you don't laugh, you'll cry. From being snowed in to not being able to find your car, it can take a lot of courage to keep things going, as proved by the following selection of "chilly" photos!

1. Proof that in Norway when it snows, it snows!

© frode152/imgur  

2. A very harsh winter in the New York countryside

© FJ Champhol Handball/facebook  

3. When it's so cold at Lake Michigan that your beard freezes

© justfrost/imgur  

4. London's West End looks like a fairytale

© Lukeei/imgur  

5. When a sudden snow storm hits Hull, England

© unknown/imgur  

6. No going outdoors today!

© ruslodi/twitter  

7. As pretty as the Alps (well, almost!)


8. A woman in Boston shows her sense of humor

© rjshade/twitter  

9. Another photo from Boston!

© tr3yh/twitter  

10. Awesome ice sculptures in Japan

© jlist/imgur  

11. A slow train in Canada!

© TINYshark/imgur  

12. When your car leaves this behind!

© peHache /imgur  

13. Meanwhile in Australia

© unknown/imgur  

14. The magnificent Great Wall of China

© Chinahighlights/imgur  

15. Southern California - a reminder that a lot of countries have warm winters!

© TheOriginalLucifer/imgur