15 genius ideas that deserve to take over the world!

Some people are great problem-solvers who always find a solution to life's daily problems. From life hacks to clever designs these guys know how to make our days easier and always follow the 'for every problem there is a solution' approach to life!

In honour of these creative geniuses, here's a selection of awesome ideas that in our humble opinion deserve to take over the world!

1. A pocket for remote controls, cell phones, tablets...

© ThePlayfulPython / Reddit  

2. A cool way to stop headphone wires from getting tangled

© RonnyGP / Reddit  

3. A fun way to encourage people to use the trash can

© Oltarus / Reddit  

4. This black towel means the white ones won't look stained!

© Jackinmybox / Reddit  

5. A USB connector that works both ways

© drmono3000 / Reddit  

6. Train tables with a groove for tablets

© paulypies / Reddit  

7. A 'splash board'!

© Th3B055 / Reddit  

8. Air conditioned dog houses!

© bgjorge123 / Reddit  

9. A simple way to protect your fingers

© Guest82O1 / Reddit  

10. A picnic table with an integrated baby chair

© kittenmittens1000 / Reddit 

11. Instructions included!

© crimper21 / Reddit 

12. An office stationery vending machine

© 3DTbrandonl / Reddit  

13. An easy-to-pour can of soda

© MegaThickBeard2 / Reddit  

14. Jerky that comes with its own slicer

© PeterGallagherBrows / Reddit  

15. An adjustable cup holder

© riverotterr / Reddit