15 fascinating photos that say a lot about the human body

Our bodies are finely-tuned machines that are capable of doing miraculous things! We've yet to fully unravel the mysteries of the human body, which means scientists are still hard at work to find cures for illnesses or the reasons behind what makes us tick.

And sometimes a solution will only lead to more questions! So, if you find the human body as fascinating as we do, check out the following photos and prepare to be amazed!

1. Several pounds of human fat!

© keen_fitness / Instagram  

2. Deep scars never fully heal - and dirt often doesn't stick to scarred skin

© Pomoek / Reddit  

3. To find out a blood group type, doctors mix red blood cells with specific antibodies. In this case a blood type B will stick to the antibodies in the solution "B".

4. Ever seen the inside of a human bone?

© ranzdalf / reddit  

5. This lady's hair changed color during her pregnancy

© allenthird / Reddit  

6. A cast of the heart's blood vessels

© Schandra / Wikimedia Commons  

7. The difference between blood taken before and after fasting

© SemTeslaGirl / Reddit  

8. Overweight vs healthy weight

© Unknown / Reddit  

9. Did you know that the roots are longer than teeth themselves?

10. A bloodless heart

© Duke_of_Spazzer / reddit  

11. Elephant vs human foot

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12. The body's circulatory system

© Jan Kriwol photography / Facebook   © Jan Kriwol photography / Facebook  

13. Ever wondered where adult teeth wait before milk teeth fall out?

© Unknown / Imgur  

14. Every dot on this hand print is a micro-organism!

15. This cyclist had just finished the Tour de France...

© Ayy_2_Brute / Reddit