15 extraordinary sights that took social networks by storm

How many of us wonder how we survived before the internet arrived in our lives. We often forget that once upon a time, we didn't have such a host of information at our fingertips, and today there are plenty of people who can't seem to function if they're not connected at all times. Before the internet, many of us were ignorant of some of the stranger things in life, meaning the world remained a mystery.

If we couldn't travel to a country, the only knowledge we had was from travelers, TV shows, books... But with the internet we're all able to globe trot and discover new things, albeit virtually and from the comfort of our home...

1. This came from the Illinois State Capitol - the holes are where lightning struck!

© rickyDRIZZLE / Reddit  

2. The aftermath of an emergency landing - no one was hurt!

© A320 Systems / Facebook  

3. A giant jellyfish

© LizzieRDaly / Twitter  

4. Meet Lucky, a dog from Thailand with a very unusual look!

© Charice Fca Cha? / Facebook  

5. Nope, it's not rusty - it's a new car designed to look like this

© BurningBytes / Reddit  

6. A square biscuit starfish!

© adm2life / Reddit  

7. Hail the size of grapefruit that fell during a storm in Italy

© StormchaserUKEU / Twitter  

8. The Buluus Glacier in Yakutsk doesn't melt during summer!

9. An incredible transformation

© Odeith / Facebook   © Odeith / Facebook  

10. A staircase optical illusion

© DenkeyKeng / Reddit  

11. Have you ever seen a hummingbird feather?

© starfishorseastar / Reddit  

12. A frozen Lake Michigan

13. A photobombing bee!

© RDIIIG 17 / Reddit  

14. A dog covered in powder that looks like fire

© kfrawee / Reddit  

15. American student Chanel Tapper who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue - a whopping 3.8 inches!

© Chanel Tapper / Guinness World Records