15 designers who missed the mark royally

There are people who are good at designing things, and then there are others. Those who would have done better to sit that one out. However, they “invented” things that they thought were a real success. They slightly (or even majorly) failed.

They may have been far from creating something great, but at least they can say they tried to make something.

1. The company wanted things to be more transparent!

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2. When the electrician places lights just wherever…

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3. Someone’s going to have to tell me how to slide a finger through the handle...

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4. The seat for someone who’s going along to socialize and not watch the game

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5. It would’ve been nice if they had put the doors in the right place...

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6. You have to have a good landing.

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7. When you're a journalist and you have to fill a big empty space…

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8. Not quite the same as on the box.

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9. Hmmmm…can you explain this one?

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10. Uh, thanks for the advice, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea.

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11. A sink for someone with giant arms…

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12. When you didn’t match up the model’s body and legs…

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13. Coloring Dalmatians. Hmmmm...

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14. Marge fail!

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15. From far away, it looks like something else...

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