15 cool optical illusions that could take you some time to figure out

Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us and we have the proof!

Here are 15 beautifully-timed photos guaranteed to make you do a double take...

1. Crystal clear water or a levitating boat? 

(C) luckycharm7/reddit  

2. A buffalo to soothe you whilst you're at the dentists

(C) @PhilipNByrne/twitter  

3. Giant puppy caught on camera! 

(C) jstrydor/reddit  

4. Watch out, The Donald is everywhere!

(C) farllen/reddit  

5. OMG, this is sooooo creepy!

(C) ArthurJMunoz/reddit  

6. At least it's prettier than an evil nun!

(C) @__neizvesten__/twitter  

7. When your eyeshadow turns you into the Living Dead

(C) GallowBoob/reddit  

8. An extremely well-sculpted bun?

(C) Ratedfreak/reddit  

9. Head to Paris if you want to see this one!

(C) suunsbro/reddit  

10. Australia - a land of cats and dogs!

(C) Dstone66/reddit  

11. Don't panic - it's a miniature train not a murder in process!

(C) kynlais/reddit  

12. When Allen keys become a staircase

(C) GallowBoob/reddit  

13. A swimming pool that keeps you dry 

(C) watcher_of_the_skies/reddit  

14. A painting or a mirror?  What do you think?

(C) Endless_Vanity/reddit  

15. Someone please explain this to us!

(C) acidcow  

16. Husky love vs jealousy

(C) Ekaterina Poleshchuk  

No illusion here - one dog's feeling left out!

Photo credits: GallowBoob/reddit, acidcow