15 companies that are making the world a better place

Our world is constantly changing and evolving. Some people try to improve it, to make it more breathable, to clean it up. Some people and even some companies have taken this role very seriously. Attempting to create a better world with an outlook that's an integral part of their flourishing business model.

Improving the world comes in many forms: feeding a homeless person, helping a person in need, offering free coffee in exchange for a good deed... The possibilities are endless and here's a selection of companies that deserve a big round of applause!

1. This Mexican company makes cutlery and straws from avocado stones that decompose in 240 days!

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2. The Japanese company Piala Inc. gives non-smoking workers an extra 6 days paid vacation ever year to compensate for all the cigarette breaks that smoking workers take

© Vocativ / YouTube 

3. Be My Eyes brought out an app for blind or hard-of-sight people. It helps them 24 hours a day, has already reached a million downloads and is available in 180 languages!

© Be My Eyes 

4. This company knows that everyone deserves a second chance in life!

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5. This company makes it easy to give their clothes to the next kid

© unstoppable_dino / Reddit  

6. One free coffee for one good deed... Anyone who fills a bucket with litter collected from the beach gets a free coffee!

© Braumsisdabomb / Reddit  

7. Giving others a helping hand and a clean set of clothes

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8. For anyone who prefers to shop in silence

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9. This German store allows patrons to take their dogs inside with them when it's too hot to leave them outside

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10. Great during a heatwave!

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11. This store in Scotland has free second-hand school uniforms on offer

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12. Carlsberg has started to avoid the use of plastic packaging

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13. This Korean company installed a fitness center on its roof so that its workers can stay in shape

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14. Laundry soap in a recycled cardboard container

© phampug / Reddit 

15. In 4 years this pizza place has given away 142,498  slices of pizza, worth a total of $70,000!

© boi_thats_my_yeet / Reddit