15 chilling pictures that will give anyone goosebumps

Pictures can be a source of fear. They can surprise you or make you jump out of your seat. And to make matters worse, pictures are everywhere. This is especially true on the internet with millions, or even billions, of views every day.

Below, you’ll see some pictures that will certainly give you the chills. They aren’t pleasant images, in fact they’re far from it. They are repulsive, and we don’t ever want to find ourselves face to face with any of these things!

1. Halloween Putin

© pingyaru / reddit  

2. Apparently, it's a moth. Well, it's the most repulsive one I’ve ever seen!

© leemuel01 / reddit  

3. When a simple box can totally change a face!

© unknown / imgur  

4. If you see this running across the floor in your house, you’ll run out the door!

© RajKris73635155 / twitter  

5. Not very appetizing

© wasit-worthit / reddit  

6. Check out these nails!

© neganxjohn_snow / reddit  

7. Bought my daughter a Minnie Mouse lamp. It may have been a mistake.

© Brilliant999 / reddit  

8. This lighter is like a flamethrower! It shouldn’t be sold to just anyone.

© slavicdegenerate / reddit  

9. When you abuse Photoshop!

© SteelMakesMeHard / imgur  

10. A black widow vs. a tarantula, who will win?

© unknown / imgur  

11. It was a baby shower gift, but it’s going to end up at the bottom of the river!

© unknown / imgur  

12. New Tic-Tacs! Who wants to try one?

© TheTwistedEmperor / imgur  

13. A new accessory for Slytherins from Harry Potter!

© GallowBoob / reddit  

14. How to take unnecessary risks…

© Trumpthulhu-Fhtagn / reddit  

15. Well... all you have to do is leave your car here and walk back to it!

© Isireth / imgur