15 celebrity photos that were heavily retouched for a magazine

We all tend to forget that the image we see on the cover of a magazine has often been Photoshopped to death. Yes, celebrities may have the money to look their best at all times, but they're still human beings with just as many lumps and bumps as the rest of us. So, if you're worried about your crow's feet, graying hair or just lacking self-confidence, then have a browse through these snaps.

Here are 15 retouched celebrity photos that show the reality behind the veneer!

1. Lindsay Lohan's sparkling eyes and flawless complexion

© noisygeek  

2. Miley Cyrus and her Kardashian butt!

© psdisasters  

3. Madonna returns to her youth

© barbiecraze/blogspot  

4. Something's not quite right with Shailene Woodley

© Vanity Fair  

5. Ronda Rousey instantly slimmed down

© rondarousey/instagram  

6. Keira Knightley was given a Photoshop boob job!

© AntithesisRex/reddit  

7. Kim Kardashian West gets slimmer, firmer thighs

© complex  

8. Fergie with differently-sized thighs and a younger face

© Glamour  

9. Zendaya Coleman looking slimmer than usual

© zendaya/instagram  

10. Scarlett Johansson with a porcelain complexion

© andersen2708/imgur  

11. Why? Kristen Stewart's not someone who needs to be retouched!

© Glamour  

12. Penelope Cruz gets an artificial nip 'n tuck and skin lightning treatment

© funfever/blogspot  

13. Megan Fox looks completely different!

© creadictos  

14. A wrinkle-free, skinny-armed Faith Hill

© ShadesOfBlue3836/imgur  

15. Zac Efron and his very strange bicep

© Men'sHealth  

So do you feel a bit better? Remember that what we see on the cover of a magazine is often far from the truth and we're all beautiful in our own, special way!