15 bad hotel experiences caught on camera

When we travel to a new country, we never really know what to expect when it comes to hotels. We check out the website, reviews and research the area before making a reservation.

But what we see versus what we get can be totally different things. From dirty rooms to lack of customer service, a host of mishaps may well await, and suddenly our dream holiday turns into a nightmare. Here's a selection of snaps that some disappointed patrons decided to share...

1. This hotel room in Venice cost $400 a night. We dread to think what the bathroom is like...

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2. When you can't even recharge your phone

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3. A luxury room for 3

© richardmoore73 / twitter 

4. Kiss goodbye to enjoyable showers

© Tsurnka / reddit 

5. In this hotel the only room that picks up the free Wi-Fi is the bathroom

© WaddySolomon / twitter  

6. When trees are held up by a rope

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7. They only had one job...

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8. Fancy a hot shower?

© mclardass / reddit 

9. Who doesn't love a room with AC?

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10. Their website said the hotel has a fitness room

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11. For a complete lack of privacy

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12. Restrooms for men and vampires only

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13. In this room, the only way to turn off the AC is to open the window

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14. A hotel where you need to play "hide and seek" to find the TV remote

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15. No option but to sit

© BoyWhoCriedDoge / reddit