15 awesome designs that deserve an award

Quality counts! We may live in a world of mass-produced cheap goods, but usually end up throwing badly-made items in the trash.

So, when it comes to design, it may be more expensive, but in the long run buying a quality product or hiring a competent designer is well worth every cent. Carefully though-out and perfectly manufactured products also often feature a personal touch that makes the item even more appealing. Just check out the following awesome designs!

1. So you can enjoy a swing with your child rather than just pushing them

© J0N90 / Reddit  

2. Something every restroom should have!

© notanaijin / Reddit  

3.  A newspaper that featured a page that can be used as gift wrap

© bflo091986 / Reddit  

4. How to avoid sticky fingers

© Unknown user / Reddit  

5. This check-out tells you the cost of your groceries the moment you put your basket down

© killingwave / Reddit  

6.  A mojito straw that filters out the mint!

© TheOxfordBloke / Reddit  

7. Perfumed walls in a restroom

© Marivahlio / Reddit  

8. Springs at the bottom to avoid damage if you car hits the post

© mwfrankie / Reddit  

9. The perfect slice of toast!

© absolutepaul / Reddit  

10. Use the swing to charge up your phone

© Suckerburg1 / Reddit  

11. A school with skateboard storage!

© Boopnoobdope / Reddit  

12. Have a drink while you wait for your laundry

© WASBAR / Facebook  

13. A public library that also has a recording studio, a 3D printer and a laser cutting machine

© Rytrex03 / Reddit  

14. In case they go wandering off!

© TheRoofIsNotMyChild / Reddit 

15. A door handle with a UV light that kills germs

© jamesdysonaward.org