14 weird sights spotted on beaches around the globe

Oceans and seas cover more than two thirds of our planet. In the ocean depths, surprising creatures navigate their way around the globe and strange objects may suddenly surface or wash up on the beach. Sadly, our oceans are also becoming increasing polluted by trash. Each year, currents wash things up on our shores that are more than surprising to the people who find them.

Objects and animals that we would never normally see and which may even be unrecognizable. Just check out the following selection of spectacular "finds" that were snapped and shared by those present at the time.

1. A giant turtle!

© Military Concepts/Youtube  

2. A P-38 fighter that washed up on a beach in Wales

© robertshaw/imgur  

3. UFO debris?

© Kevin Eichelberger/Twitter  

4. An old rusty pistol found at Discovery Park in Seattle

© metrion/reddit  

5. Part of a rocket!

© newroot/imgur  it  

6. A family walking along a beach came across this!

© usher6360/reddit

7. A strange creature found on Coney Island

© essmac/reddit  

8. Giant ice balls floating on the surface

© nn_ylen/reddit  

9. A glass beach in Fort Braggs

10. A sculpture by Theo Jansen

11. A message to an unknown mom, written in Korean

12. An old games console

© dfekt/reddit  

13. This puppy didn't wash up, but boy is he cute!

© feel_freeandfree/reddit  

14. A huge fallen tree

© the133448/reddit