14 weird once-in-a-lifetime finds

We often don't need to go far to come across strange objects... How many times have you gone for a walk and found an alien-like fossil or spotted a weird sight while driving along a road?

We live in a fascinating world and the following people managed to photograph and share snaps of the curious things they found or saw while out and about.  How many of these would you have recognized and do you have any others that you'd like to add to our list?

1. This guy stumbled upon a set of Diya oil lamps!

© cir_skeletals/reddit 

2. 'Insect hotels' spotted in a park in Barcelona!

© 7Evam/reddit 

© Bob_Daamen/flickrhivemind.net  

3. A soft coral, AKA 'sea pansy', found in South Carolina

© Yesagaia/reddit 

4. A fossilized trilobite

© ziltoid101/reddit 

5. Sea pineapples... Apparently they taste like rubber soaked in ammonia!

© badrobotdavid/reddit 

6. A fairy door stuck to a tree where passersby can leave a message or gift!

© stopthesquawk/reddit 

7. A glider trailer!

© Eedmonddd/reddit 

8. This is an erhu, a traditional Chinese musical instrument with 2 metal strings

© erazedmemories/reddit 

9. A stunning, rare antique decanter!

© anthrogyfu/reddit 

10. An 'ore dock' on the banks of Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan

© sdelad98/reddit 

11. A lycopsid fossil, often found in shale caves

© livefast_dieawesome/reddit 

12. A pocket-sized code breaker dating back to World War 2

© -ExcusemyFrench/reddit 

13. A traditional Chinese game called 'Four Happiness Boys', which symbolizes 4 types of happiness: rain after a dry spell, a wedding night, passing the imperial exams and running into a friend when far away from home.

© Polyglot/pikabu 

14. A device that inserts or removes contact lenses or prosthetic eyes!

© Daxter117/reddit