14 unusual sights photographed around the globe

Sometimes we have a hard time believing our eyes and need to do a double take to make sure we’re not hallucinating! From weird to wonderful, we've all had these moments of doubt when we see something incredible for the first time.

Our planet is full of awesome sights and sounds, be they man-made or down to Mother Nature. From people who live an offbeat life, to crazy designs and bizarre animals... Just check out the following photos and prepare to be amazed!

1. Check out this mirror in a restaurant in Italy

© unknown / imgur  

2. Did they seriously not think this through?

© OminousMass23 / reddit  

3. When someone is in awe of Steve Jobs?

© Vkool / reddit 

4.  Tempted?

© Mgutierrez2437 / reddit  

5. For the soccer World Cup in Russia!

© Tertychenko / pikabu  

6. Pretty and practical

© sundool / pikabu  

7. Colorful soldiers

© theowlinwinterfell / reddit  

8. Or change your brand of deodorant?

© raginghappy / reddit  

9. No, just no!

© ciaran_palmer / reddit 

10. A frog with an extra leg

© Pork_Chops_McGee / reddit  

11. An alternative Santa Claus

© T0rr1nw0rX / imgur  

12. When ugly is also really cute

© ittwasntme / reddit  

13. A giant sweet potato

© HooniganMike / imgur 

14. A store where you can also whiten your teeth

© Milumet / reddit