14 touching photos that prove the power of kindness

Making someone happy comes in many forms. A kind deed, encouraging words, a gift, a smile... Some people go that extra mile to make others feel good. They love spreading the joy, even in the simplest of ways.

They don't necessarily need to know the person they are helping, and witnessing their acts often prompts the rest of us to do a good deed. Seeing such acts of kindness can move us beyond words and the following selection may well bring a tear to your eye! Here are 14 touching images that prove the power of kindness!

1. Saving a dog during a flood

© bagonja / Imgur  

2. Feeding a homeless man

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3. Man's best friend

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4. His friend is illiterate, so he decided to read him a book

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5. Having fun with a sick child

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6. Because kids are naturally curious

7. This cop saw a child with broken shoes and bleeding feet. He cleaned the wounds and bought the boy a new pair of sneakers

© Tukwila Police Department / Facebook  

8. This boy paid for this cop's breakfast and left him this touching note

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9. When the city gives you your own parking space

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10. Irish rugby player, Brian O'Driscoll shows his daughter the World Cup

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11. Saying hello to his friend

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12. A homeless boy gets treated to a McDonalds

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13. Enjoying a day at the beach

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14. A thoughtful neighbor

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