14 times when cops were caught showing their softer side

We all associate the police force with law and order, which  is pretty much the sum of their job. What we don't always see is their softer side, particularly in these violent times.

But at the end of the day, they are as human as the rest of us and we'll find them dealing with situations where they're nothing short of heroic. They know how to laugh and even have fun - provided they don't put any lives in danger. So, if you've only ever had negative experiences with cops, here's a selection of police officers caught showing their softer side!

1. Because we all love making snow angels!

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2. Private escort

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3. This iguana decided to spend the night in a cell

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4. Sometimes speeding is good!

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5. The safest garden in the world

6. When a cop drops by a school and ends up playing cards

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7. Giving drivers the head's up!

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8. Taking a break during a wintry patrol

9. These cops in Parma, Ohio, found that a bird had nested in a patrol car and did their best to protect it!

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10. Using a little Ghostbusters humor

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11. Paws up against the wall!

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12. Playing "cops and robbers"?

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13. We'd love to know what Chewie did!

14. How to get around town more quickly

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