14 things that can ruin a day

To err is human, but we always prefer for it to happen to someone else. While some people seem to go through life like it’s a fairy tale, others struggle day and night, sometimes experiencing one disappointment after another. If you think this only happens to you, you're wrong! There are sometimes people who have it worse than you!

Because the saying goes we learn from our mistakes, here are 14 things to avoid if you want to have a good day!

1. When you had your key copied at the discount store

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2. Because the smell of cookies was too tempting...

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3. After "big eyes" were all the rage, now the "big head" is the next trend!

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4. You have to admit that it's tempting...this hotel’s curtain design could be better!

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5. Here’s a hint: paint doesn’t glow in the dark…

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6. When your day stresses you out before it even starts, and your stress ball explodes in your hand…

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7. When it was windy last night…

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8. He absolutely wanted to go out, but immediately regretted it…

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9. Tag a friend who locks his bike like this!

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10. How did he think he would get out of this situation?

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11. Putting ads with faces on buses is really an art that few people have mastered.

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12. Even animals can have a bad day…

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13. Do we really look like this when we go down the stairs?!

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14. When you have the weirdest watch in the world!

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